Nice ‘N’ Easy Chocolate Cornflake Bites

Hiyyyaa all,

So I’m back again! And this time I’m back to share a short how-to on these lovely chocolately creations my friend Ellie and I dreamed up. They are super easy and a great treat for…well anyone!! Enjoy lovelies xoxox

You Will Need:

  • Cornflakes
  • 1 bar of milk/dark chocolate
  • 1 bar of white chocolate
  • Silicone Moulds (you can use proper chocolate moulds, but ice-cube moulds will work the same)
  • Microwave
  • 2 Bowls
  • Spoons
  1. First take the two chocolate bars and melt them in the microwave. This should take around 1 min and a half but this depends on the temperature of your microwave.
  2. Whilst the chocolate is cooling down a little, take your cornflakes and fill your mould up halfway.
  3. Then take your chocolate and using a spoon drizzle it on top of the cornflakes in each mould.
  4. Then leave to set in the fridge for around and hour – et voila! Cute, easy-peasy sweet snacks perfect for any occasion!

If it wasn’t for my friend ellie then I never would have come across this lovely idea so please go and check out her blog because she has only recently started and I know its going to be amazink (yes, I just made up my own word)!!

Thank you for reading!!



Must-Haves for S/S 2013

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 19.04.11

There’s gonna be loads of different versions and opinions of what bloggers – well and just general fash-mad people – think are THE key pieces for this s/s. There always will be. And I know its kinda hard to decide which one to read or follow. But I’ve already decided for you. READ MINE!!! xoxoxox

1. The Quirky Sunnies

First up is sunnies. Which I think everyone has to agree is part of every girl’s summer wardrobe even if it isn’t a trend but luckily for us – this year it is but with a slight twist! Interesting and quirky sunglasses are not only the perfect way to instantly update your wardrobe, they are fabulous-o to personal and indivdualise your outfit too! Even better  – they are super cheap!! All the sunnies below are under 20 quid – what more can you want! Good tip: if you want to individulise your sunglasses even more then just grab an old pair and get creative! Use a glue gun to add embellishments of your choice e.g. flowers, studs or gems.


ASOS – £15


ASOS – £12

£15 dolly bow bow

Dolly Bow bow – £15

topshop sunnies

Topshop – £16

2. The 90’s High-Waisted Jeans

Denim is back this s/s and its back with a BANG. Because its so versatile you can keep it cas’ with a crop and creepers (see pic below) or glam it up with a collared blouse and courts. Famous peeps as well have be spotted working the trend from the likes of Poppy Delevingne to Rita Ora. High-waisted jeans is one of the easiest of pieces to buy in denim because it will go with EVERYTHING (and I mean everything – including that top from last summer – this super-item will bring it up to date in seconds). Whether you have a high-budget or a tight one there’s pair of high-waisters out there for you!! If you want to invest in a pair of good quality jeans that you will last through the whole season then try these Topshop jeans – they are super comfy  and I would recommend them. Or if your price-range lower then Primark have a really cool summer range out – which includes high-waisted jeans – yay!





Varsity crop top £6 (April) Boyfriend jeans £15 (February) Strap heels £12 (May) Fringe bag £8 (May)


Topshop – £40

3. The Summer Flats

Flats. They just HAVE to be the ultimate summer shoe. Just coz’. Whether you’re at a festival, on the beach or just lounging round the pool (lucky) flats seem like the perfect choice. I mean lets face it – platforms aren’t. So what type of flat, I hear you ask? Creepers – jeepers – sorry had to do that, and gladiators are the hottest (and comfiest!) shoes money can buy – so go get a pair!!


Office – £35


River Island – £45

4.  The Varisty Tee

If you’ve read some of my previous posts then you’ll know I luvvv the varisty trend – especially the tee’s!! I have a slightly over-sized varisty tee as well as a crop top (check out the one in the primakr pic above^)- and will most defo buy more. Both times these tees were a £10 and under so they are a superbly-cheap way to convert your wardrobe in too s/s – oooh and oversized ones also look great with beach wear.

£11.99 missguided

Missguided – £11.99

5. The Floral Blazer

You either love full-on florals or you hate ’em. I love them. There’s nothing more summery than a floral headband or skirt. But your key floral piece this s/s is the blazer. Balzer’s are great all-rounders, which makes this trend even easier to do – just pair with your high waisted jeans and some glads (see what I’ m doing here?) and you’re good to go!


Forever 21 – £22.75

Thanks for reading!


Photo Collection: After Dark



I’ve been getting a little snap happy recently – so I decided to share these pics I took a couple of weeks ago. They were taken on a long, overcast, gloomy weekend (which is basically the norm in England!) at Hampton Court Palace. If you ever get a chance to go you should go there – its fab for photography because – especially using a black and white lense (yes, I cheated!!). So yeah – enjoy peeps!!

After Dark

Camera: Nikon P510






FREEBIE: Lovely Little Poster Quote


Who doesn’t love free stuff?? Seriously tho’ is a there a single human being on the planet who doesn’t? I didn’t think so. That’s why as one of my regular feautures I’m going to doing a montly round-up of THE best free stuff you will have ever seen and some of my little hand-made free things too. The free things could be anything from print-outs and pictures to craft tutorials and templates.

Hope you like.


1. Papercraft Inspirations Magazine – FREE PAPERS


Papercraft Inspirations is an A-MAZING website is you’re an avid crafter (but like me) or papercrafter and love scrapbooking, collaging or obvs, making cards. They regulary post free papers, templates for cards and competitions and giveaways on there blog so its worth a look!! If you want to check out there blog or want to download the papers above then just click the following links or search for ‘Papercraft Inspirations’. Just click the pic (ha ha its rhymes) to collect your free papers. You’re welcome.


2. Poster Quote

So this is a little sommin’ made by me and I’m calling them Poster Quotes – super original I know. Hopefully, they can become a regular thingy-ma-bob on my blog because I think its nice to have some wise words to brighten up your day. Enjoy – but I will just say please can you use them for personal use 🙂


3. Miss.Ladyfinger – Blog

Now I know what you’re thinking – this isn’t free stuff! Well it is – sort of – its just an excuse to share this beautiful blog with you guys. If you luvvv nail art then you’re in for a treat!! The ‘Miss. Ladyfinger’ blog posts weekly nail art how to’s inspired directly from runway looks.

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 16.36.28

Thanks for reading!!


Trend Report: Varisty 2013


This is going to be a one -hell of a long loooooooonnnnnnnngggg post. Just to let you know. But, hey – don’t go!! This post is gonna be full-to-the-brim with best buys, moodboards and loads more. So stick around. Or else.

The first time the varisty trend came about – circa 2009 – I hated it. Can’t even remember why. This s/s I love it. Converted, much? I have absolutly no idea what made me change my mind (about the trend). Maybe its because the trend is more subtle and stylish than in the previous years or maybe its because I was stuck in a rut and didn’t know my wedge trainers from my varisty jackets. Who knows. But what I do know its that varisty jacket are back in this s/s and I’m going to show you how I work the trend, what inspired me to create my look and some of the best buys that’ll instantly bring your wardrobe up to date.

<< Who ‘N’ What Inspo >>


So incase you’re wondering what ‘Who ‘N’ What Inspo’ is, its a moodboard showing it says on the tin…who and what inspired me to create my look or lookboard – so be sure to keep an eye out for them every time I post a lookboard.

Now a for a way to smarten up the usually casual varisty look:

polyvore - varisty trend 2013 set

I made this look to show that it is possible to look chic and stylish in a varisty jacket – you might even be able to wear it at work! For the basics of this look you’ll need your trusty jacket and the all-time classic: the pencil skirt. And from there you can be as creative as you like! But if you’re thinking about wearing this to work or on a night out then pick a blouse ot neat shirt as you top – a t-shirt will most probably look too daytime and relaxed. Shoes sould be kept sporty to balance out the jacket – think hi-tops or wedge trainers – but not TOO sporty e.g. the trainers that you wear to the gym every saturday. Jewllery, especially if you are going to work, simple and understated – gold chain necklace (as shown in the pic) or just a couple of rings.  But nothing statement or brightly coloured – save that for your daytime look please. And finally, handbag – I would just say completly up to you so long as its not a satchel or your gym bag!!

If you want to style this look into something that you can wear during the day then just swap the shirt/blouse for a casual tee or sweater, the shoes for maybe some boots or hi-tops and the jewellery to full on bling! And there you go two outfits with two pieces.

And finally…

Inspired by my amzinkly cool collection of varisty trend pics?? Then here is a little sommin’ I think you’ll be interested in:

Top 5 Best Buys: Under £50

topshop £22


river island £40


topshop £12


h&m £12.99

H&M – £12.99

zara £19.99

ZARA – £19.99

Thanks so much fore reading!!



DIY: Mini Playing Card Brooch

Brooch pic

Heylooo everyone!! So today, I’m extremes (ok, I made that up) excited to present my very first diy (and its my second post – yay!). I actually made this brooch last year but I just thought I’d share it with you lovely people because I was quite proud out it. It’s really simple to make and you’re  guaranteed to get tons of compliments.

You Will Need:

  • 6 Mini Playing Cards 
  • Scissors
  • Sticky-back plastic – this is the stuff that peeps use to cover notebooks/books in
  • All-purpose glue
  • Brooch Backs
  • Glue Gun


1) Take your six cards and laythem face down onto a clean, dry surface. Glue one card to the back of the other and leave to dry. This will mean that you will have 3 stronger playing cards.

no.3 - with numbers

2) Once all the cards are dry, glue down one side of two of the cards. Glue no. 1 down the side of no.2 and then glue no.2 down the side of no.3. It does make sense, trust me!


3) When, you have left them to dry they will look like this. Well, at least I hope they do… Anyway now for the fun part. Place your cards onto the sticky-back and measure out small square. Cover one side of the cards with the sticky -back sheet, smoothing out creases as you go – you could use a ruler to do this as it works really well. Do the same on the other side making, sure you don’t leave any gaps where the plastic hasn’t reached. Now, neatly cut around your cards to get rid of the excess.


4) Yay! Almost done! Finally, take a glue gun (or you can use your all purpose glue if its strong enough) and attach the brooch to the back – make sure its the right way up!!


 5) Ta da!! That wasn’t so bad was it? Now you know how to make it, you can make tons of them. Double yay!

#First Post!!


Hiii and welcome to my blog!! This is my first ever post (scary) so I thought I’d just start by introducing myself. Easier said then done. I decided I’d do a kinda fact file style intro. Here goes…

Name: Livy

Age: 14

Hobbies/intrests: fashion, customising clothes, photography, baking, craft, shopping, writing, (sometimes) failing at nail art, singing in the shower and dreaming about what it’d be like to go out with Harry Styles (I mean, doesn’t every girl?!).

Fave Colour: Any pastel-y colours

Fave Piece of Clothing: Well, at the moment its my h&m varisty-style top. Unfortunately, I’m not wearing it in the pic below ➷ but I might show it in a lookbook sometime 🙂

Fave Shop: Topshop and Boots – one-stop shops for clothes and beauty ♥

Fave Blog: – fab nail art ideas and other stuff too!!

Fave Magazine: Company

Fave Website: http://www.h&

Fave song: Just Give Me A Reason – P!nk ft. Nate Ruess

Fave animal: Hedgehog and dolphin 🙂

If you want to know more then please head to the About page which tells you in detail what my blog is about!!

Thank you xoxox