OMGeee! There’s such a thing as Floral Ice Cubes!!


YES. I know what you are thinking. This cannot be possible. But it is – hurrah!! I found them on this really cute blog called ‘Free People’ – links on the picture below as per usual. They are sooo pretty and make any old drink look fancy in a blink of an eye. So unleash your inner creativity and dream up your own combo’s of berry ‘n’ flora cubes – I think my fave has to be dasies and blossom ♥

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 21.03.59


Images: Free People Blog

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FREEBIE: Lovely Little Poster Quote


Who doesn’t love free stuff?? Seriously tho’ is a there a single human being on the planet who doesn’t? I didn’t think so. That’s why as one of my regular feautures I’m going to doing a montly round-up of THE best free stuff you will have ever seen and some of my little hand-made free things too. The free things could be anything from print-outs and pictures to craft tutorials and templates.

Hope you like.


1. Papercraft Inspirations Magazine – FREE PAPERS


Papercraft Inspirations is an A-MAZING website is you’re an avid crafter (but like me) or papercrafter and love scrapbooking, collaging or obvs, making cards. They regulary post free papers, templates for cards and competitions and giveaways on there blog so its worth a look!! If you want to check out there blog or want to download the papers above then just click the following links or search for ‘Papercraft Inspirations’. Just click the pic (ha ha its rhymes) to collect your free papers. You’re welcome.


2. Poster Quote

So this is a little sommin’ made by me and I’m calling them Poster Quotes – super original I know. Hopefully, they can become a regular thingy-ma-bob on my blog because I think its nice to have some wise words to brighten up your day. Enjoy – but I will just say please can you use them for personal use 🙂


3. Miss.Ladyfinger – Blog

Now I know what you’re thinking – this isn’t free stuff! Well it is – sort of – its just an excuse to share this beautiful blog with you guys. If you luvvv nail art then you’re in for a treat!! The ‘Miss. Ladyfinger’ blog posts weekly nail art how to’s inspired directly from runway looks.

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 16.36.28

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Chocolate bunny anyone?


Heya, its practically easter now so I thought I’d take a couple of pics to mark the wonderfully jolly occasion. I LOVE taking pics (as you will most probably know) and will defo be creating more posts devoted entirely to just that. Well, actually they’re gonna be a bit more like photo shoots. I’ve decided that I would call them collections. So from now on whenever you see a ‘C:’ next to the title of a blog post you know its going to be a little photo collection I made. Good. Glad we got that sorted.

Anyway, easter. And what would easter be without chocolate and treats? Well, feast your eyes on all the choccy and sweets in the pics and as for the treats…you don’t have to look far either. I managed to find this super-duper basket tutorial – perfect for stashing all your eggs in! Just double click to enlarge the image.

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‘Chocolate bunny anyone?’  –  Photo Collection 

Photographer: Me

Camera: I used the Ipad 2 for this collection


















happy easter

#First Post!!


Hiii and welcome to my blog!! This is my first ever post (scary) so I thought I’d just start by introducing myself. Easier said then done. I decided I’d do a kinda fact file style intro. Here goes…

Name: Livy

Age: 14

Hobbies/intrests: fashion, customising clothes, photography, baking, craft, shopping, writing, (sometimes) failing at nail art, singing in the shower and dreaming about what it’d be like to go out with Harry Styles (I mean, doesn’t every girl?!).

Fave Colour: Any pastel-y colours

Fave Piece of Clothing: Well, at the moment its my h&m varisty-style top. Unfortunately, I’m not wearing it in the pic below ➷ but I might show it in a lookbook sometime 🙂

Fave Shop: Topshop and Boots – one-stop shops for clothes and beauty ♥

Fave Blog: – fab nail art ideas and other stuff too!!

Fave Magazine: Company

Fave Website: http://www.h&

Fave song: Just Give Me A Reason – P!nk ft. Nate Ruess

Fave animal: Hedgehog and dolphin 🙂

If you want to know more then please head to the About page which tells you in detail what my blog is about!!

Thank you xoxox