My (now not so) New Satchel Bag!!


Heyyya. Long time no see. Although – I can’t actually see you guys, but I think you know what I mean! I’m soooo sorry I haven’t posted for ages but kinda been caught up and busy in other stuff (holiday, school and Instagramming…) but YES I know thats not a good enough reason. It been almost a month since I last posted, I mean can you believe that?  Righty ho, on with the show. This post is about my bag which I ordered from Amazon not so long ago, and have fallen completly head-over-heels in love with it. If you love it as much as me, then (obvs) click on the ‘CLICK HERE’ button below and it’ll take you straight to amazon. Lotsa love xxx


So I got this bag about 2 weeks back and was super super pleased with it. Its the perfect size to fit all my stuff in it (and in my case that quite a lot!!) – as well as a load of random crap I usually carry the following in my bag: mascara, lipgloss, mirror, phone, magazine, 2 notebooks, 2 pens (and no, I have no idea why I have to have to of each!), tissues, earphones, purse, hairbrush, hand cream, hand sanitizer, bobby pins, Kleenex shine absorbing sheets, face wipes, body spray, perfume, random bits of jewellery and a hec of a lot of receipts! So a bag can carry all that then its bound to be a winner/all-rounder/bag-that-you’ll-use-until-it-breaks. It also goes with literally everything in my wardrobe – which is why I opted for the classic brown colour because although it might be boring – it’ll never date. The bag is a really nice style and personally I think it looks more expensive than others for this reason. It have a detachable strap and you can change the length of it too. And whats more it comes in avariety of different colours – yayy! So just hit that green button…






And yep this is just some of the stuff that can be fitted into this genius-of-a-bag!!



Street Style Snaps: Vogue Festival

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 17.21.30

Love Vogue. Love Vogue Festival. I wish I could’ve gone – but I think these pics almost make up for it!! I think street style is one of the best ways to get inspo for your outfits and wardrobe because – sorry high-end designer boutiques and catwalks – its a quick (and cheaper) way to get an idea of the trends, what people are wearing and what you like – without going out of your way – like searching the web, reading tons of fash mags or going to pricey catwalk shows – pha as if we hate doing that anyway!!




Love this top.


Cool ‘N’ Quirky. Nice.



Big fan of the creepers!! Oooh liking the pop of colour from the Chanel bag.



Love this wacky candy-wrapper bag – think its Maison Martin Margiela for H&M?



Loving the (almost) matching kimono’s-style cardigans!



Oreintal prints. Tick. Bold Lips. Tick. And the Chanel bag’s seem to be super popular today.





Simple and classic. Always a winner.



Check out the Vogue website for more details.

Eeeeeek!! H&M’s Summer Range has Landed!


OMG. I didn’t think it was possible for me to adore H&M any more – but it is!! I am already completely in love with their new summer range (not least because its fronted by Beyonce) – with pieces ranging from glittering bralets to brightly coloured shoes and printed bikinis to aztec jewellery, there’s sure to be something for everyone. But the best part is yet to come. H&M is famous for its affordable – but great quality – clothing and they continue to not disappoint. Prices range from as low as £7.99 but don’t cost more than £40 – its a win-win situation don’t ya think? Unfortunately tho’ guys, you’re gonna have to keep calm and carry on until the 2nd May when the clothes hit the shops – ready, steady, shop!!




















Images: Look Magazine (website)

Must-Haves for S/S 2013

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 19.04.11

There’s gonna be loads of different versions and opinions of what bloggers – well and just general fash-mad people – think are THE key pieces for this s/s. There always will be. And I know its kinda hard to decide which one to read or follow. But I’ve already decided for you. READ MINE!!! xoxoxox

1. The Quirky Sunnies

First up is sunnies. Which I think everyone has to agree is part of every girl’s summer wardrobe even if it isn’t a trend but luckily for us – this year it is but with a slight twist! Interesting and quirky sunglasses are not only the perfect way to instantly update your wardrobe, they are fabulous-o to personal and indivdualise your outfit too! Even better  – they are super cheap!! All the sunnies below are under 20 quid – what more can you want! Good tip: if you want to individulise your sunglasses even more then just grab an old pair and get creative! Use a glue gun to add embellishments of your choice e.g. flowers, studs or gems.


ASOS – £15


ASOS – £12

£15 dolly bow bow

Dolly Bow bow – £15

topshop sunnies

Topshop – £16

2. The 90’s High-Waisted Jeans

Denim is back this s/s and its back with a BANG. Because its so versatile you can keep it cas’ with a crop and creepers (see pic below) or glam it up with a collared blouse and courts. Famous peeps as well have be spotted working the trend from the likes of Poppy Delevingne to Rita Ora. High-waisted jeans is one of the easiest of pieces to buy in denim because it will go with EVERYTHING (and I mean everything – including that top from last summer – this super-item will bring it up to date in seconds). Whether you have a high-budget or a tight one there’s pair of high-waisters out there for you!! If you want to invest in a pair of good quality jeans that you will last through the whole season then try these Topshop jeans – they are super comfy  and I would recommend them. Or if your price-range lower then Primark have a really cool summer range out – which includes high-waisted jeans – yay!





Varsity crop top £6 (April) Boyfriend jeans £15 (February) Strap heels £12 (May) Fringe bag £8 (May)


Topshop – £40

3. The Summer Flats

Flats. They just HAVE to be the ultimate summer shoe. Just coz’. Whether you’re at a festival, on the beach or just lounging round the pool (lucky) flats seem like the perfect choice. I mean lets face it – platforms aren’t. So what type of flat, I hear you ask? Creepers – jeepers – sorry had to do that, and gladiators are the hottest (and comfiest!) shoes money can buy – so go get a pair!!


Office – £35


River Island – £45

4.  The Varisty Tee

If you’ve read some of my previous posts then you’ll know I luvvv the varisty trend – especially the tee’s!! I have a slightly over-sized varisty tee as well as a crop top (check out the one in the primakr pic above^)- and will most defo buy more. Both times these tees were a £10 and under so they are a superbly-cheap way to convert your wardrobe in too s/s – oooh and oversized ones also look great with beach wear.

£11.99 missguided

Missguided – £11.99

5. The Floral Blazer

You either love full-on florals or you hate ’em. I love them. There’s nothing more summery than a floral headband or skirt. But your key floral piece this s/s is the blazer. Balzer’s are great all-rounders, which makes this trend even easier to do – just pair with your high waisted jeans and some glads (see what I’ m doing here?) and you’re good to go!


Forever 21 – £22.75

Thanks for reading!


Trend Report: Varisty 2013


This is going to be a one -hell of a long loooooooonnnnnnnngggg post. Just to let you know. But, hey – don’t go!! This post is gonna be full-to-the-brim with best buys, moodboards and loads more. So stick around. Or else.

The first time the varisty trend came about – circa 2009 – I hated it. Can’t even remember why. This s/s I love it. Converted, much? I have absolutly no idea what made me change my mind (about the trend). Maybe its because the trend is more subtle and stylish than in the previous years or maybe its because I was stuck in a rut and didn’t know my wedge trainers from my varisty jackets. Who knows. But what I do know its that varisty jacket are back in this s/s and I’m going to show you how I work the trend, what inspired me to create my look and some of the best buys that’ll instantly bring your wardrobe up to date.

<< Who ‘N’ What Inspo >>


So incase you’re wondering what ‘Who ‘N’ What Inspo’ is, its a moodboard showing it says on the tin…who and what inspired me to create my look or lookboard – so be sure to keep an eye out for them every time I post a lookboard.

Now a for a way to smarten up the usually casual varisty look:

polyvore - varisty trend 2013 set

I made this look to show that it is possible to look chic and stylish in a varisty jacket – you might even be able to wear it at work! For the basics of this look you’ll need your trusty jacket and the all-time classic: the pencil skirt. And from there you can be as creative as you like! But if you’re thinking about wearing this to work or on a night out then pick a blouse ot neat shirt as you top – a t-shirt will most probably look too daytime and relaxed. Shoes sould be kept sporty to balance out the jacket – think hi-tops or wedge trainers – but not TOO sporty e.g. the trainers that you wear to the gym every saturday. Jewllery, especially if you are going to work, simple and understated – gold chain necklace (as shown in the pic) or just a couple of rings.  But nothing statement or brightly coloured – save that for your daytime look please. And finally, handbag – I would just say completly up to you so long as its not a satchel or your gym bag!!

If you want to style this look into something that you can wear during the day then just swap the shirt/blouse for a casual tee or sweater, the shoes for maybe some boots or hi-tops and the jewellery to full on bling! And there you go two outfits with two pieces.

And finally…

Inspired by my amzinkly cool collection of varisty trend pics?? Then here is a little sommin’ I think you’ll be interested in:

Top 5 Best Buys: Under £50

topshop £22


river island £40


topshop £12


h&m £12.99

H&M – £12.99

zara £19.99

ZARA – £19.99

Thanks so much fore reading!!