Ciate’s Hot New Nail Kit


Say what? Chalkboard paint for nails – you have to be kidding me. Ciate has never failed to impress us (especailly this year) with their bestselling Caviar and Velevet maincure sets (see below), as well as the gorgeous polishes they have to offer too. But their latest (and I personally think their most innovative) mani set is Chalkboard nails. there I said it. They look incredibly cool, complete with a liquid chalk pen that you can doodle with (on your nails, obvs) to your hearts content – yes, really. The pack includes the matte ‘blackboard’ base coat, four pens and a Ciate top coat. Once the base coat is dry, you can experiment with different designs using the pens – if you don’t likey then they just simpley wash off with water and you can start doodling on your nails all over again! Once you’re happy with a design cover with the top coat and you’re done!! It’s like being back at school – but this time doodling is encouraged (finally) ☺

Ciate Caviar Pink


£25, available at Selfridges from April 2013.


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