4 DIY’s To Kick-Start Your Summer


Hey all, today I have some super-duper diy’s to liven up your spring and…well…get you in the summery mood – who cares if we’re early?!

1. Ribbon Bow Sandals

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 18.45.33

This first DIY, I found on another blog- called ‘Sprinkles in Springs’. Its reaaaaallly cool and Kara (its her blog)  posts inspiring diys and lookbooks – its defo worth a a look. Just click on the shoesies if you wanna check it out. The diy itself, is probably much easier than you think. Just tie a few bows out of ribbon and glue them down the front. Simples.

2. Pretty Little Tea Light

I’ve always loved the fact that in summer you can stay outside for ages and it will still be light. But as the light starts to fade, you need a cute votive to help you see the way ♥


I don’t even think I need to explain this one it so easy-peasy. Just grab anything that takes your fancy e.g. fabric scraps/remnents, ribbon, buttons – you get the idea – and arrange them on your chosen tealight before gluing. The best thing about this is that no tealight can ever be the same – yay!

3. Triangle-Tipped Mani


This (although it may not look it) is also super-easy – noticing a pattern anyone?? All you are gonna need is:

  • 2 bottles of nail polish (I recommend a light colour for the base and a bright colour for the triangle – even tho’ I’ve done completly the opposite!!)
  • Top coat (optional)
  • Selotape/sticky tape
  • Nail polish remover- to make sure your nails are clean
  • Nail Scissors – to cut the tape

First, paint your bottom coat. You may need to do this up to three times depending on your nail polish shade. Then, making sure the bottom layer is COMPLETELY dry, I repeat COMPLETELY dry, take two pieces of tape and position them diagonal on either side of the nail so they make a triangle. Do this with all of your nails (it doesn’t take as long as you think). Paint over and leave to dry properly for a good 15 minutes. Peel of the tape – make sure you are gentle – and leave to dry for another few minutes before appyling your top coat. Woooo! Ya done.

4.  Crocheted Floral Headbands


I luvvv these headbands cause they are really verstatile (yep, I know thats my word at the mo!). You can either wear them as a headband, hairband, bracelet, necklace – I mean the list doesn’t end!! If you guys are COMPLETELY (big completely!!) in love with them – they are really pretty – then click here. The blog is sooo nice – its one of my mum’s favourites for crochet patterns and is just generally tip-top so check it out. If for whatev’s reason you can’t find the pattern then just comment – and remember that the pattern was originally intended to be made into a garland, but my mum made it into a band for me ‘coz she’s genius☺, so you might have to alter it.

Thanks for reading lovely people – its much appreicated!!



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