Trend Report: Varisty 2013


This is going to be a one -hell of a long loooooooonnnnnnnngggg post. Just to let you know. But, hey – don’t go!! This post is gonna be full-to-the-brim with best buys, moodboards and loads more. So stick around. Or else.

The first time the varisty trend came about – circa 2009 – I hated it. Can’t even remember why. This s/s I love it. Converted, much? I have absolutly no idea what made me change my mind (about the trend). Maybe its because the trend is more subtle and stylish than in the previous years or maybe its because I was stuck in a rut and didn’t know my wedge trainers from my varisty jackets. Who knows. But what I do know its that varisty jacket are back in this s/s and I’m going to show you how I work the trend, what inspired me to create my look and some of the best buys that’ll instantly bring your wardrobe up to date.

<< Who ‘N’ What Inspo >>


So incase you’re wondering what ‘Who ‘N’ What Inspo’ is, its a moodboard showing it says on the tin…who and what inspired me to create my look or lookboard – so be sure to keep an eye out for them every time I post a lookboard.

Now a for a way to smarten up the usually casual varisty look:

polyvore - varisty trend 2013 set

I made this look to show that it is possible to look chic and stylish in a varisty jacket – you might even be able to wear it at work! For the basics of this look you’ll need your trusty jacket and the all-time classic: the pencil skirt. And from there you can be as creative as you like! But if you’re thinking about wearing this to work or on a night out then pick a blouse ot neat shirt as you top – a t-shirt will most probably look too daytime and relaxed. Shoes sould be kept sporty to balance out the jacket – think hi-tops or wedge trainers – but not TOO sporty e.g. the trainers that you wear to the gym every saturday. Jewllery, especially if you are going to work, simple and understated – gold chain necklace (as shown in the pic) or just a couple of rings.  But nothing statement or brightly coloured – save that for your daytime look please. And finally, handbag – I would just say completly up to you so long as its not a satchel or your gym bag!!

If you want to style this look into something that you can wear during the day then just swap the shirt/blouse for a casual tee or sweater, the shoes for maybe some boots or hi-tops and the jewellery to full on bling! And there you go two outfits with two pieces.

And finally…

Inspired by my amzinkly cool collection of varisty trend pics?? Then here is a little sommin’ I think you’ll be interested in:

Top 5 Best Buys: Under £50

topshop £22


river island £40


topshop £12


h&m £12.99

H&M – £12.99

zara £19.99

ZARA – £19.99

Thanks so much fore reading!!




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