DIY: Mini Playing Card Brooch

Brooch pic

Heylooo everyone!! So today, I’m extremes (ok, I made that up) excited to present my very first diy (and its my second post – yay!). I actually made this brooch last year but I just thought I’d share it with you lovely people because I was quite proud out it. It’s really simple to make and you’re  guaranteed to get tons of compliments.

You Will Need:

  • 6 Mini Playing Cards 
  • Scissors
  • Sticky-back plastic – this is the stuff that peeps use to cover notebooks/books in
  • All-purpose glue
  • Brooch Backs
  • Glue Gun


1) Take your six cards and laythem face down onto a clean, dry surface. Glue one card to the back of the other and leave to dry. This will mean that you will have 3 stronger playing cards.

no.3 - with numbers

2) Once all the cards are dry, glue down one side of two of the cards. Glue no. 1 down the side of no.2 and then glue no.2 down the side of no.3. It does make sense, trust me!


3) When, you have left them to dry they will look like this. Well, at least I hope they do… Anyway now for the fun part. Place your cards onto the sticky-back and measure out small square. Cover one side of the cards with the sticky -back sheet, smoothing out creases as you go – you could use a ruler to do this as it works really well. Do the same on the other side making, sure you don’t leave any gaps where the plastic hasn’t reached. Now, neatly cut around your cards to get rid of the excess.


4) Yay! Almost done! Finally, take a glue gun (or you can use your all purpose glue if its strong enough) and attach the brooch to the back – make sure its the right way up!!


 5) Ta da!! That wasn’t so bad was it? Now you know how to make it, you can make tons of them. Double yay!

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